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Werthers Coffee Candy 12 Count – 2.65 oz


Can’t get enough coffee? These creamy, smooth caramel candies are swirled with the flavour of rich coffee and are individually wrapped. Buy now at The Club Price

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Werthers Coffee Candy 12 Count – 2.65 oz

Are you bored with the same old tastes? Well, Werther’s Original Caramel Candy is an absolute dream come true for you any sweet tooth. It melts smoothly in your mouth, and it is a delicious treat made with real butter and fresh cream for an unforgettable taste that will have you coming back again and again. So, it tastes amazing no matter which variety you choose from their wide range of flavours, including rich coffee. With 2.65 ounce bags comes in 12 flavours, you can share with friends or keep them all for yourself.
They’re available at most major grocery stores nationwide but if they aren’t around where you live, then don’ worry because they’ll ship them right out where you live.


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