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VPX Bang E-Shot Rainbow Unicorn 12 Count – 3 oz


The world’s first carbonated energy drink. Bang! is a revolutionary new energy shot that is now available at The Club Price

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VPX Bang E-Shot Rainbow Unicorn 12 Count – 3 oz

Try Bang energy drink, one of the most popular energy drinks these days. It’s like drinking a shot. You can save time and get a whole lot of quick energy. Just the first shot, and you’ll feel like you can power through anything. Each shot is about 0.3 oz and contains caffeine, electrolytes, creatine and branched-chain amino acids. The best part is that the shot contains no added sugar. In fact, there’s no sugar in the drink at all. And it has only about 6 calories. Moreover, the drinks don’t contain any semblance of artificial colours, so they’re a great source of healthy drinks. Feel free to purchase this 12 pack and get a load of energy that will help you get through even the most challenging days.


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