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Twix White Chocolate Cookie Bars (20 Count) – 1.62 oz


Buy Twix White Chocolate Cookie Bars. The Delightful Twix Cookies & Creme Candy Features a Crunchy Cookie Filled Center Coated in Caramel & White Chocolate Candy.
Every Box Contains 20 Count,1.62 oz for Each Pack.

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Twix White Chocolate Cookie Bars (20 Count) – 1.62 oz

The scrumptious delights of Twix white chocolate cookie bars feature a crunchy cookie filled center coated in caramel & white chocolate.
Each box of Twix white contains 20 count individually wrapped candy bars,1.62 oz for each pack. Every bite of gooey caramel and crunchy cookie enrobed in delectable, rich?white chocolate will boost your midday & Create an explosion of taste in your mouth. There are countless ways to share and enjoy a Twix white. These candy bars are individually wrapped for lasting freshness & on-the-go munching, making the?snacking more delightful whether enjoyed alone or with friends and family.


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