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Sour Punch Twists 6in Assorted 120 Count


Buy Sour Punch Twists Twists 6in Assorted Jar. Each Jar Contains 120 Individually Wrapped Candies. for a Thrilling Sour Sensation; grab a Handful of These Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, and Apple Flavored Chewy Candies.

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Sour Punch Twists 6in Assorted 120 Count

Enjoy your favorite sour punch twists 6in Assorted flavors, a popular candy among lovers of a sweet taste and a sour taste. For a thrilling sour sensation, grab a handful of these assorted candies. Each Jar contains blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and apple-flavored chewy candies. It gives a dose of delicious sweet & sour coated in its signature sugar blend. Satisfy your sweet & sour cravings with these assorted candies that are luscious, and the fruity flavor is equally intense and soothingly sweet. Sour punch straws are kosher-certified candies and are easy-to-love chewy candy that delivers an explosion of its exquisite taste. Slurp your favorite beverage through one of these sugar-coated straws for a sweet-and-sour experience. Enjoy sour punch treats as an afternoon snack at the office, after school, or while binge-watching your favorite program. These candies are snack guilt-free on a low fat, low sodium, and halal-certified candy. Each Jar contains 120 individually wrapped candies.


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