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Nestle Kit Kat King Size Dark Chocolate 24 Count – 3 oz


Contains 24 KIT KAT Dark Chocolate king size Wafer candy bars

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Nestl? kit kat king size dark chocolate wafer bars are a delicious way of celebrating happiness. This delicious variation of the traditional chocolate kit kat wafer features crunchy wafers covered in classic dark chocolate. Snap a wafer in two for a fast snack or to share with a buddy when you need a break. After dinner, in the lunchbox, as party gifts, or whenever you need a sweet break, these candy bars are a wonderful treat. They’re also a great way to jazz up your favorite treats. ?The next time you bake, sprinkle bits of a delicious dark chocolate-covered wafer kit kat? candy on each cookie or cupcake to see how much better a good-baked item can get. A dark chocolate coating adds a twist to the crunch of a kit kat? wafer bar. Individually wrapped kosher wafer candy bars are perfect for Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Halloween candy bowls, and valentine’s day gifts. Each pack contains 24 individually wrapped candy bars and a net weight of 3 oz each.


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