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Nerds Wild Cherry & Watermelon Candy Box 36/1.65 oz


Enjoy some sweet satisfaction with the tiny, tangy crunchy candy that is as unique as you are! Enjoy the dual combination with its mind-blowing contrast!

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Nerds Wild Cherry & Watermelon Candy Box 36/1.65 oz

Tiny, tangy, crunchy candy, Nerds are delicious little characters that are small and peculiarly shaped yet lovably packed with taste. Nerds couples two complementary flavours in its iconic box designed with dual chambers. Situating delicious watermelon and cherry side by side, Nerds lets candy lovers pour out petite pieces of pure delight.
Wonka produces some of the most fun, innovative, high-quality candies in the world. Willy Wonka’s “scrumdidlyuptious” candy–inspired by the famous book and original movie–continues to spark the imagination in kids of all ages. Buy the Delectable candy from The Club Price!


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