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La Banderita Yellow Corn Tortillas – (Pack of 30)


La Banderita Yellow Corn Tortillas are great for making homemade tortilla chips as well as using them for tacos. Best fresh Tortillas now available at The Club Price

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La Banderita Yellow Corn Tortillas – (Pack of 30)

Use Le Banderita Yellow Corn Tortillas to satisfy that Mexican food craving. It?s nice, light and goes with everything. You can make a soft taco out of it, use it to make enchiladas or simply eat it with some sauce. You can also use it to make a burrito and fill it with whatever you want. They?re healthy, with a relatively lower calorie count?making it a favourite with the weight-conscious people as well.
What?s more, it?s so convenient to have a bunch of them in your kitchen. Gone are the days when you were forced to slave at the stove and the oven to get the perfect tortilla for your meal. It?s now ready-made and available at affordable prices. Order a whole pack of them for your family and much away!


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