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Hostess Jumbo Honey Bun Glazed 6 Count – 4.75 oz


Heat ’em up or eat ’em straight from the pack. HOSTESS Jumbo Honey Buns are glazed and ready to make your morning a treat. Get yours from The Club Price

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Hostess Jumbo Honey Bun Glazed 6 Count – 4.75 oz

Hostess jumbo buns are the go-to treat for you and your family if you prefer something sweet but not chocolaty. They’re buns glazed with honey and make the perfect morning treat. You can heat them up, have them directly from the box or pair them with your morning beverage? tea, coffee, smoothies; they go with everything. They’re microwaveable friendly and as soon as you warm them up and take a bite, they dissolve in your mouth. Each bun is individually wrapped to preserve the freshness of the buns. You can also take it with you wherever you want to enjoy the freshness of the bun. Be sure to order a box of it today before the stock runs out. It’s the perfect addition to your day!


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