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Hostess Donettes Mini Powder Donut Bag 10 oz


These mini donuts are moist morsels covered in irresistible powdered sugar. Enjoy them for breakfast with a glass of cold milk or as a tasty afternoon snack.

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Hostess Donettes Mini Powder Donut Bag 10 oz

Start your day with Hostess Donettes Powdered Mini Donuts. They?re tiny doughnuts covered with powdered s. They?re irresistible to children and adults. You can have a couple of them for breakfast and wash them down with some milk, coffee or tea. Your kids can have them as a light, after-school snack. Since they come in a box of 20, you can share them easily with your family and friends. You can also just grab a bunch of them and eat them when you?re on the go. They?re small, sweet, and delicious in every way with just the right amount of flavours. This snack doesn?t have any trans-fat either-even if you?re diet conscious; you can have however many you want. Be sure to order a bunch of these boxes before they fly off the shelves! They’re available in 10.5 oz. bag


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