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Hostess Danish Berries & Cream Cheese 6 Count – 5 oz


Start your day with a delicious breakfast pastry from Hostess! This cream cheese Danish is topped with a drizzle of icing. Buy it now from The Club Price

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Hostess Danish Berries & Cream Cheese 6 Count – 5 oz

Have you ever tried a Danish? If not, you should definitely give Hostess Danish berries cream cheese a go. It’s sweet and savoury. It’s made of a puffy, flaky pastry with a smooth buttery texture? the kind that will melt onto your tongue. It?s also filled with mixed berry and cheese to give it the perfect taste. Moreover, you’ll find that the pastry is topped with icing that’s been strategically drizzled to balance out the flavours. The Danish are all individually wrapped and you can enjoy them when you’re on the go. You can also have a couple of them as breakfast along with your tea and coffee. They’re also a popular snack with the children, so feel free to give them a couple of these snacks as treats? order a whole box today.


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