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Hershey King Size Special Dark Candy Bar 18ct/2.6 oz


This king-size bar is the perfect treat for countless special and everyday occasions. HERSHEY’S king-size milk chocolate candy bars available at The Club Price

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Hershey King Size Special Dark Candy Bar 18ct/2.6 oz

There’s happy, and then there’s Hershey’s happy. Hershey’s king-size Special Dark Chocolate candy bars make life more delicious whether they’re enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones. Delight your taste buds with beloved flavour in the delicious treat. Chocolate pieces combined with smooth cr?me offer delicious indulgence in every bite. These king-size, kosher-certified, individually wrapped candy bars offer a twist on the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar, and they’re perfect for snacking moments throughout the day at home, at work and on the go. Keep a pack on hand for guests and store some in your pantry for convenient snacking when the mood strikes. Looking to add some extra dark chocolate to your favourite treats? Shop now from The Club Price!


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