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Charms Blow Pop Bursting Berry – 48 Count


48-Count box

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Charms blow pops bursting is available in berry flavor, with 48 pops in each box. Chances are, you’re a lollipop lover. Just based on the fact that you’re on this page, we feel that’s a pretty safe assumption to make. But maybe you are also a secret gum lover? And, even further, perhaps you would prefer to have your lollipops and your gum together? Does that sound right? We thought so! And you’re in the right place, becuase these Charms Bursting Berry Blow Pops are exactly what you’re craving. A fun and tasty treat, our Charms Bursting Berry Blow Pops are always a sure fire success! Place your order and give ’em a try for yourself! Kosher Certified.


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