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Bubbaloo Fresa Strawberry Chewing Gum 50 Count


Bubbaloo Fresa strawberry Mexican chewing gum

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Bubbaloo fresa chewing gum is sure to take you back to your childhood memories. You can taste the fresh strawberries as soon as you put the piece in your mouth. What?s more, you can also smell the fresh scent of strawberries as soon as unwrap the piece of gum. The flavor is long-lasting?you can chew it for a couple of hours and it won?t lose its taste. It?s a big hit among children and adults both. You can share it among your friends or colleagues. You can also share it with a couple of strangers and make friends. Feel free to buy the whole box of chewing gum and keep it with you when you?re traveling anywhere. They?re sure to make you feel refreshed.


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