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What are Circus Peanuts?

Not all of us are tech-savvy and familiarized with modernized technology. Some people might still like the typewriters, stick-shift cars and simple appliances with on and off switches rather than hundreds of flip switches to operate. And there are still people who are very fond of the circus and everything associated with it. The clowns, the whining bummer, the ring master with a whip, horses jumping through the hoops, lion tamer and the lions, etc. the glorious days of Barnum and Bailey might have been long gone but there is still one thing that still remains from the age of circus. One of the remnants of the circus feasible and cheap confectionery is Circus Peanuts.

Circus Peanuts although have nothing to do with the circuses or even the peanuts. They are the kind of candy that is usually placed on the bott9om shelves of the gas-station convenience stores or chain drug stores. It is an orange colored 2-inch long candy treat which is somewhat the color of one of our favorite drinks, Tang and it is stamped with the peanut-like shell patterns with automated machines. What makes Circus Peanuts Candy stand out is the fact that they are always stored and eaten stale which makes them not-so rock-hard but weirdly deflated and tough.

Therefore, we cannot blame the problem with Circus Peanuts on the stale and gooey constitution of the marshmallow. The thing even more mysterious then the weird staleness is that the Circus Peanuts are banana flavored while, the real peanuts are none of these things. The only theory that comes to our mind when we think about the concept of this weird candy is that back in time when the Circus Peanuts were invented, litigations and lawsuits were not much of a thing. The people used to assume that hot coffee is always hot. No user’s manual used to come with the ladders to tell people not to jump down the top step. So, it was probably safe to make a candy look like a peanut while it is nothing even close to a real peanut and the peanut industry would not even care. The anemic orange skin and banana flavoring were quite a protection against the posed legal threats. Or maybe it was because the person who invented the Circus Peanuts lived in Antarctica and had never eaten peanuts, so they were based on their fantasy.

It is very comforting that all Circus Peanuts will taste exactly alike. Unlike M&M’s or Oreos, with a million riffs on the basic formula. They were a classic and they still are a classic. So far, I have not seen chocolate-covered ones or pink ones or unusually large or small ones.

It would be great if everyone had the same idea of tradition about marshmallow peeps which are those vaguely chicken-shaped candies we are used to buying at Easter. They now come in every size and every color and are on the supermarket shelves all year round. But all these flashy new upgrades have not addressed the fact that they all stick to each other, have no flavor at all, and go instantly stale. If they started out stale initially just like Circus Peanuts, they probably would not be as noticeable.

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