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The Origin of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s peanut Butter Cups were made by a guy named Harry Burnett (H.B.) Reese.

Reese was born on May 24, 1879 in Pennsylvania to a farming family. He got married in 1900 and had sixteen kids. In 1903, he was battling to help his growing family, so he took on all kinds of employments from being a butcher to assembly line laborer.

In 1917, Reese got a job at a dairy ranch possessed by Milton S. Hershey, the owner of the Hershey Chocolate Company, Pennsylvania. He took worked at the ranch for quite a long while and later started working in the organization’s chocolate manufacturing plant, where he got inspired by Hershey and set out to make his very own chocolates.

At first, Reese just wanted his chocolate a way to make some quick money for his family. He began making sweets in his basement, naming bars and confections after his kids. During the 1920s, Reese’s the venture that started in a basement was improving beyond expectations, with the confections selling effectively to the neighborhood showcases. He chose to pay attention to the business considerably more and set up the H.B. Reese Candy Company.


In 1928, Reese began selling these chocolate and peanut butter sugary treats that he initially called Peanut Spread Cups or “Penny Cups” as they used to cost only one penny each at the time. They were so effective that Reese had the option to sell five-pound boxes of the cups to nearby retailers for their candy displays.

Reese was soon ready to quit his job at the Hershey industrial facility to focus entirely on his business. He even put up a 100,000 square foot industrial facility on Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, Pennsylvania, making a wide variety of confections including raisin clusters and chocolate coated dates.

Sadly, as his peanut butter cups were growing quickly in prominence, Reese passed on of a coronary failure in 1956, only two days before his 77th birthday celebration. After seven years, six of Reese’s children chose to sell the privately-owned company.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Company obtained the H.B. Reese Candy Company for $23.5 million in 1963 with H.B. Reese’s kids getting approximately 5% share in the Hershey Company, which is worth about $20 billion today.

Reese’s Cups kept on thriving under Hershey’s brand name since Hershey’s was an already established name. There have been many variations ever since, including “Huge Cups,” Miniatures, and Minis, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, and hazelnut cream flavors.

Different varieties incorporate Reese’s treats, Reese’s Pieces, and Reese’s Puffs Cereal. The treat is now available in a lot of countries around the globe and is enjoyed by a great many individuals. Since its inception in the basement of a farmer’s house Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have come a long way and they are certainly one of the most popular chocolates in the world as well as a flagship brand of Hershey’s that has worth of billions of dollars.

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