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Nutrition Bars: Healthy or Not?

With the world running fast and having a proper mealtime becoming a luxury not everyone can afford, the nutrition bars play a very important role in satisfying one’s hunger issues. They are healthy and filling and are very affordable and handy to carry around for whenever the need be. The pocket-sized bars used to be a choice of athletes a few years back, but recently we have seen a lot of people going for it in order to boost their nutritional levels.

With a lot of nutrition bars coming into the market it is very difficult for the consumers to figure out which bar is suited for them or even if any bar is. So, how does one figure out that the bars are healthy or just hyped.

A lot of nutritionists suggest that not all the energy bars can be considered healthy. Some of them are loaded with carbohydrates, some with protein, and some even with brain-boosting ingredients. All kinds of people, from workaholics to athletes, working women to housewives, are consuming them these days and some of them do not even know if they are consuming the right ones.

A nutritionist, Nancy Clark, points out that any product that contains calories is bound to provide us with some sort of energy. “Even Bananas give us Energy. Twinkies give energy. Energy bars give energy. That’s because they all provide calories.”, says Nancy.

Most of the nutritionists and dieticians suggest that the nutrition bars should not be the alternative to all our meals. We can swap them in for quick snacks or energy sources, but we should completely avoid switching the regular meals w9ith them.

Though nutrition bars are handy we would not want to be over-relying on them because at the end of the day fresh food still trumps packed ones. Some people are noticed to be going to Costco and buy boxes of energy bars and feel that they are doing the right thing, but the truth is that these processed bars are not a solution or alternative to fresh food. So, we must be very precise while planning our meals and incorporating energy bars into our diets since just because they are fuss-free and handy they do not fill in for proper healthy meals.

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