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Mexican Candy

Mexico is home to some of the most exciting candy flavors and types in the world. Mexico specializes in vibrant colors, great taste and vast assortments of candies and sweets. Mexican sweets are not actually the artificially flavored candies that we know, but they come in exquisite textures and delicate fruity flavors. Traditionally the Mexican candies are made to represent their cultures and are considered a part of their rich integral national heritage. Another thing that some of us might still not know is that chocolate was originated in Mexico too.

It was the Aztec people who invented drinks out of cacao plants and called it the Drink of Gods. They even used the cacao beans as a currency and means of trade. The Aztecs mixed in different spices, such as chili peppers in order to give the bitter bean mixture some flavor.

The newest popular ingredient in the Mexican Candies these days is Tamarind. This sour fruit is particularly appreciated in candies that mix it with sugar and chili peppers to create an explosion of flavors all in one candy.

Another delicious treat that Mexican people get the credit of inventing is Dulce de Leche, which if loosely translated means “Milk Candy”. It can be eaten alone or as a topping for dishes such as Mexican ice cream or grilled bananas. Dulce de leche and Tres Leches cakes are very popular with Mexicans.

Other countries are getting familiar with dulce de leche recipes too. Starbucks has a dulce de leche flavored latte, which the Americans like. Dulce de leche ice cream is sold across grocery stores in the southwest of the United States and is used as a topping all around the world.

Mexican candies can be found at local Mexican grocers. Let your taste buds try some new treats. If you cannot find any stores close to where you live, many online stores sell Mexican candies. If hot is not the type of candy you would enjoy, there is also different chocolate, and caramel candies. Give it a try today! You might just enjoy a new sensation.

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