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Gummy Bears: A History

Whenever we are hungry and are in mood for a snack and in a sweet treat too. The only thing that pops up in our mind is gummies. And there are no better gummies in the world than the classic Gummy Bears.

While the generation before us might think of Gummy Bears as a just a sweet treat they date back to the late 20th century or maybe even further back. A German entrepreneur, Hans Riegel, invented the gummy candies in the early 1920s when he introduced his own company by the name of Haribo. Now, Haribo is the top-notch manufacturer of all kinds of gummy candies in the World.

Hans Riegel’s first ever gummy candies were shaped like bears. Riegel got the concept by the trained bears he had grown up witnessing at street festivals around Europe. Gum Arabic was the base ingredient that Riegel used for making Gummy Bears.

Now, gummy bears are made with the key ingredient being edible gelatin. Licorice, soft caramels, marshmallows are all made with edible gelatin to provide them with chewy texture and consistency and it prolongs the shelf-life. Gummy bears are produced in masses these days in factories by millions at a time. There are a lot of types of gummies out there on the market such as, worms, bottles, etc.

Some of the most popular flavors that Gummy Bears come in are raspberry, orange, strawberry, pineapple and lemon. Regular gummies are often packed with high levels of sugar content, but there are also a few other healthier options in the market. In fact, some companies now sell multivitamins in gummy form to make them more attractive to children

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