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Fun and Creative Ways to Use Candy Melts

Who does not love dipping treats? And there is no better way of enjoying those treats than decorating them with iconic candy melts. They come in some of the most exotic of colors and flavors so there is really a lot that you can do with them. Mold them, pipe them, make ganache or make fondants, the list goes on and on but here are some of the most brilliant way of using candy melts in your dessert creations.

a. Candy Swirl Cake Décor:
These pretty graphics made with melted Candy Melts with a bit of pearl dusting is the best way to modernize the look of our classis chocolate cakes. You can use candy mols available to shape the melted candy and to get even and perfectly shaped swirls every time.

b. Flower Candies:
Color someone’s day by giving them these cute ad beautiful flower shaped candies. Make them with colorful candy melts and fill in with cream or chocolate ganache for some rich and delightful treats.

c. Choco Coated Fruits and Berries:
There no better and refreshing combination than of fresh fruits along with decadent chocolate. Cover and coat these fresh fruits and berries with chocolate candy melts and try them as light snacks or after meal desserts or for any festivals or occasions coming up.

d. Candy Clay Ribbon:
Prepare beautiful two-shade candy clay using the candy melts of your choice of colors and flavors and decorate your scrumptious cupcakes with them. Gift the cute cupcakes to friends or folk or enjoy them yourself, they make a perfect dessert for fall season.

e. Candy Filled Pretzels:
Regular pretzels will never be the same once you fill them with melted candy melts and add a sprinkle of chopped nuts. This combination of sweet, nutty and salty is a fun to make treat and can be served any time of the year at tea-times or brunches.
Go ahead and give these amazing sweet ideas a try and you can thank us later for bringing you these creative and beautiful insights.

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