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On November 4th this year, the world of candy and the candy lovers all around the world got the most shocking news ever when the owner of the world’s leading gummy brand Haribo, Hans Reigel passed away at the age of 90. The heritage that he left behind includes the treasured gummy bears, worms, frogs, soda bottles and what not.

Although he was not the one who formed the company, it was his father Hans Reigel in 1920neither did he birth the iconic bear shaped gummies but the prodigal son got the business after World War II and introduced the classic bear-shaped Gummy Bears in the late 1060s.

Gummies are enjoyed all over the world in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some people might argue the chewy, flavorful, gelatinous snacks are addicting and that Haribo boasts, with pride, that if all the gummy bears they produce in one year were lined up head to toe, they would create a chain that would circle the planet four times.

Two of the most interesting facts about gummies are given below to:

  • Made with Love:

The recipes for Haribo gummies are closely guarded secrets. The base for most gummy candy is gelatin, which needs to be heated and combined with flavor, coloring and sugar. Once prepared, the mix is poured into molds shaped like teddy bears, or whatever else the heart desires, and left to harden, often in the freezer.

  • Worming their Way In:

Until 1982, America did not come to like the taste of gummy bears when Haribo set up their factories in US. But when Trolli, another German confectioner, started finding huge successes in the US market introduced the “gummy worms” the candies started attracting the kids no matter how much their parents resented them. While bears are generally considered the classic, worms themselves are a wildly popular gummy standard.

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