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Cotton Candy Ice Cream Trends in USA

There is always something magical about ice creams. Nobody is sure as to what attracts them the most whether it is the creamy texture or the multi-layer swirl, but today in 2019 soft serve can be found presented with an edible floating cloud of cotton candy, only enhancing the magical appeal. The Milk Train in London and the Aqua S in Sidney, Australia are the two of the first eateries and soft-serve joints to have come up with this amazing ice cream experience. It is a milk chocolate soft-serve ice cream served in a waffle cone and is surrounded in a bed of “Candy Floss” or “Fairy Floss” as referred to by the English.

Although cotton candy was invented over 100 years ago, the treat has continued to captivate the American consumers. The light and fluffy texture of the flavored strands of melted then re-solidified sugar has been a favorite of carnival goers for years. And just like soft serve, cotton candy instantly melts in your mouth on contact. So, it is not hard to assume that a soft serve with the flavor of cotton candy could be a popular menu option for ice cream shops across the country. Although the light and airy sugar confection is available in a lot of colors and flavors, the two that are the most popular with consumers is blue raspberry and pink vanilla, which sounds wonderful as the flavors complement each other for soft serve selections as well.  Cotton candy soft serve surrounded by cotton candy could elevate this trend to the next level.

Cotton candy is a confectionary in which sugar is spun in a hot pan to create threads known as “sugar glass.”  It is believed that spun sugar originated in Europe during the 19th century. However, it can be confirmed that cotton candy formed by a machine was invented in 1897 by a dentist known as William Morrison and a confectioner John C. Wharton. It was first sold at the 1904 World’s Fair with great success. Not surprising considering how popular it still is today. Cotton candy characteristically is described as being sweet, caramellic, jammy, fruity and berry like.  A unique flavour combination which has become known as the flavour cotton candy.

Though how exactly is this whimsical confection made? Well this occurs by heating sugar until it turns into a liquid then spinning it at approximately 3000 revolutions per minute. The container the sugar is melted in contains holes and by spinning the sugar long strands are able to be formed.  These strands can be than be collected into sugar wool and served traditionally on a stick.

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