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Candy: The Types and Forms

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, a lot of candy makers began to add in a lot of ingredients to their candies in order to make if more flavorful and started creating their signature candy bars.

World War I gave some popularity to the candy bars, when the US Army commissioned several US Chocolate Makers to make 20-40 pounds of chocolate and then sent them off to the Army Quarters and Soldier Stations all around Europe to provide soldiers with instant energy and nutrition.

The incident motivated the manufacturers to make smaller pieces and candy bars and by the end of the war a new industry was born. During the post-World War Period, around 50,000 types of candy bars were made to be sold in US Markets and a lot of them are still making the9ir marks in the industry.

Chocolate is one of the most favorite sweets in America. Some recent surveys suggest that 52 percent of U.S. adults like chocolate the most. Americans over 18 years of age consume 65 percent of candy which is produced each year and Halloween is the holiday with the highest candy sales.

Cotton candy was originally called ”Fairy Floss” and was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John. The first candy machine was invented by C. Wharton, candy makers from Nashville, USA.

Lolli Pop was invented by George Smith in 1908 and was surprisingly named after his horse.

There are hundreds of types of candies that are delicious and worth trying not only for kids but for us too. Some of them we have already tried and have had fun with while we were kids. So, with the Halloween season coming up, gear up and head out to try some of your favorite treats as a kid once again.

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