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Candy Stores to Try Once!

We have never come across something as delightful as a warm and old-fashioned candy shop. It is kind of a magical moment when we spot the jars filled with colorful and delightful candies or trays of freshly made chocolates coming out of the freezers.

The moment that the smell of the freshly made confections hit us, we are taken on a journey of delight and we still travel back in time to our childhoods when these treats were our favorites.  Well today, candy shops sell more than just sweet treats, they are more about bestowing pure joy upon anyone who walks through their doors.

If you are planning on visiting a candy shop anytime soon and are unable to decide as to where you should go next, we have you covered. Go ahead and check these amazing candy shops out for your next sugar-fill stop:

  • Big Top Candy Shop (Austin, Texas)

Located at the iconic South Congress Strip, the Big Top Candy Shop brings you the ultimate candy shopping experience. It is fun, delightful and old-fashioned. Studded with a Soda Fountain, this spot stocks every kind of candy that you can ever dream of. From good old-fashioned classics to modern day trendies, they have it all. You are sure to find plenty of fun surprises in this colorful wonderland.

  • Shane Confectionery (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Formed in 1863, the Shane Confectionery is America’s oldest candy store. The moment that you in through the beautiful structure and design, it gives the vibes of stepping back in ages. Breathtaking design displays, workers in old-timey dresses, and some delightfully exquisite chocolates make the shop a treat for the mouth and the eyes. On a day in the fall if you ever pay a visit, be sure to try their historical drinking chocolates too.

  • Sweet Mickey’s (Seattle, Washington)

At Sweet Mickey’s, you will discover something special. You might fall for the handmade fudge, or maybe you will find yourself obsessed with their fabulous selection of licorice. Vintage candies are everywhere, free samples are abundant, and the staff is extraordinarily kind. Any visit here will surely brighten your day.

  • Economy Candy (New York)

Although Economy Candy is a small candy store, but it is packed with every candy we can ever think of. A staple of the Lower East Side since 1937, this store will make you feel like you have discovered a hidden treasure of sweets. From old-fashioned candies to international favorites to some great bulk deals, you never know what fun surprises you might end up taking home with you.

  • The Candy Store (San Francisco, California)

The Candy Store is a San Francisco gem. The walls are lined with jars of old-fashioned candies that will make you feel almost nostalgic. Some customer favorites include gum drops, candy cane caramels, malted milk balls, and green tea Kit-Kats. It is impossible to come out of this store without a bag of exciting goodies.

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