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Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

We all have enjoyed celebrating Christmas for years. Even as kids we used to do our part in the festivities but growing up makes most of us realize that all the fancy festivities are probably a bit dragged and simplicity makes these festivities turn out even more beautiful. Christmas presents do not excite us that much, we grow not to believe in Santa and there is probably nothing new left in the celebrations every year. If you too feel like your Christmas is stuck in a loop, here are a few delightful yet nontraditional ideas to spend your Christmas celebrating this year.

a. Go Cultural:

There are loads of cultures preached all around the world and almost all of them celebrate Christmas in their own selective way. Some of those cultures are weird, some are funny while some of them are amazing, but the only thing that is found in all of them is that they are all very fascinating. You can host a cultural-themed Christmas Party or Dinner based on the country that all your folks agree on. Imitate their traditions, their cultural décor in your home and prepare their festive or national dishes. This will be a memorable Christmas Eve for your family and friends for sure.

b. Handmade Gifts:

There has been a trend of handmade cards for Christmas for a long time but here is another thing you can try too and that is handmade gifts. The idea is also known as “Gift of Thought”. This a great way of skipping the long hours at shopping malls as well as saving a few bucks each gift. Your loved ones would remember the day for a long time as they will keep the presents to themselves. It is certainly a better option than giving them something that they will use up over time. You can also come up with some gift baskets for each person based on their preferences or buy them online at stores like the Club Price, amazon or eBay, etc.

c. Gifting Christmas to Someone Else:

Another beautiful and great idea is to find someone who cannot afford the festivities of Christmas and making the holiday season a bit better for them. You can get a present for them, get them groceries for a month or so, buy them a Christmas tree and decorate it with them, you can invite them over to your place for Christmas dinner so that they will not feel left out. If you put your mind to it, you will find a lot of Christmas charity project ideas online after all Christmas is all about spreading happiness.

d. Skipping Presents:

We know it might sound ridiculous, but the trend of skipping gifts is spreading its roots among people these days. They are shifting from Christmas Gifts for everyone to Self-Gifting now. People find it easier and joyful to spend a small yet thoughtful amount of money on themselves and buy the things they know they need rather than spending loads of money on gifts to try and impress the relatives.

e. Different Dishes on the Table:

You can shift your menu choices from traditional goose, turkey, or ham to probably some other country’s dishes and taste pallets. It is all up to your culinary imagination and creativity skills.
Christmas is a beginning of something new and the best way to do that is to find new ways to celebration and festivities. Merry Christmas!

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